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Glass Polish provides the most comprehensive glass restoration and protection service available. We are the supplier of choice for delivering innovative glass solutions that create stunning visual impact and a wealth of further benefits. We are committed to providing a high level of service to all clients which is recognised and admired for being innovative, competitive, results-driven and of an exceptionally high standard. We recognise the importance of delivering first class customer service to our customers and to our partners.

Why Are We The Best?

Over 10 year proven track record
With Glass Polish you can have the confidence of knowing the job will be done once and done right! We have been servicing the market for over 10 years. We have repaired every type of damage across all types of glass installation.
ISO and OHSAS accreditation
Glass Polish has 3 ISO accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. With Glass Polish you can be assured we take management, health and safety and our environmental impact very seriously.
We excel where others have failed
Glass Polish has been repairing the substandard work of other glass companies for many years now. We travel the world providing our repair services when local service providers are unable or unwilling to take on a repair because of the difficulties involved.

Glass Restoration and Repair

With Glass Polish, repairing damaged glass has never been easier or safer. We have a fully trained team of glass engineers who are able to repair all types of glass damage, from a single scratch on one pane to 100% coverage or multiple panes. Our international network of glass repair engineers deliver an outstanding service which is guaranteed across all types of glass applications worldwide.

Glass Polish offers a full glass restoration, scratch repair, renovation and protection service. We specialise in restoring glass to its original condition, whether it be defaced or scratched with graffiti, acid etching, delivery damage or careless cleaning.

Scratches, chips, cracks, angle grinder splatter, weld splatter, chemical damage,
graffiti scratches, acid etch, mineral deposits

Construction Site Damage

We have extensive experience in removing scratches and damage from glass on site for various building contractors from third party contractors to top construction companies. Over the past 10 years we have come up against and successfully repaired various types of damage to new build projects. We understand the importance of deadlines, and we can supply the amount of glass engineers required on site to ensure the repair work is completed within the stipulated time.

From working on varied projects worldwide we have found that each project and client is different, which is why we provide free consultation to make sure we achieve the expected repair requirements. All of our repair work is fully guaranteed to exceed any industry standards for visual quality. We completely resurface and restore the glass leaving a new clean and improved surface.

Public Transport – Trains and Buses

Every day you will find our engineers working with the main public transport companies around the world helping to combat the growing graffiti problem. Our engineers are fully qualified to work on the rail network and subway/underground. Working closely with various companies in the industry we developed a more cost-effective way of removing damage caused by graffiti vandalism. Using our unique repair system we remove scratches, acid etching and chemical damage from buses and trains, and we supply and fit scratch guard protective window film to prevent further damage in future.

We provide a full clean-up service and a complete maintenance plan to ensure a more sustainable planned budget solution, with cost-effective solutions for different types of damage.

Marine – Yachts and Boats

We have years of experience helping the marine industry to restore glass damaged by saltwater, chemical cleaning and daily wear and tear. Our engineers are fully trained to undertake work on land or afloat and meet the highest service and quality requirements of both the commercial as well as private boat owner. Our new system is cleaner, faster and more cost-effective than before.

Our marine polishing and coating treatment can be successfully applied to glass, plastic and metal surfaces on cruise ships, yachts and other marine vessels. It can be used to remove scratches, surface marks, salt stains and chemical damage. The system will also reverse oxidation and chemically seal the treated surface to improve and protect it from further damage. We can treat new and existing glass, plastic and metal surfaces irrespective of age. All repairs are carried out on site. Maintenance programmes and staff training are available to ensure re-treatment is a fraction of the initial cost.

Retail – Shop Front Glass

Graffiti scratching is caused by forcing a hard metal object such as a stone, screwdriver, knife, spark plug or a diamond glass cutter over the surface of the glass. Because the damage has been done deliberately, it is the deepest scratch damage we come across but can be easily repaired leaving a completely restored shop front.

Ignoring graffiti scratches could damage the image of the retail business and will attract more damage. Replacing the glass is expensive, so repair is the most cost effective solution allowing huge savings compared to replacement.

We are specialists in shop refits, completing retail refurbishment to the highest standard. The results of polishing are so impressive as we are able to completely resurface the glass and restore it to its original clarity looking better than new.

Domestic Office and Commercial Glass Repair

Glass polishing can bring domestic glass back to life. We can repair scratches, marks, chips and cracks in any of the following items:

  • Windows & doors
  • Ceramic hobs
  • Table tops & kitchen hobs
  • Entrance doorways
  • Glass partitions
  • Balustrades
  • Mirrors & shower screens
  • Glass roofs & conservatories
  • Fish tanks / aquariums

We work with commercial and private letting agents to ensure the condition of their property stays in the best condition possible. We also carry out works on behalf of out-going tenants repairing any damage caused whilst they have been in possession of the property. Even if the damage looks deep, don’t worry – we repair all types of glass and damage. We can even remove scratches and chips from the edges of the glass.

Windscreen / Car Glass

Auto glass frequently gets scratched, chipped or cracked due to road debris and normal wear and tear. Scratches caused by wiper marks on the windscreen can cause a vehicle to fail its safety test and could reduce visibility to a dangerous level. We polish scratched car glass with zero distortion. We repair chips and cracks by using a professional grade resin allowing us to repair and restore the structural integrity of windscreen glass at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Scratches caused by grit caught between the doors and the side windows, accidental ring scratches, and vandalism on side windows can seriously detract from the appearance and value of the vehicle, and these can also be removed with the Glass Polish system.

Plastic and Acrylic Restoration

In recent years we have undertaken acrylic repairs on various home furniture, windows, aquariums, yachts, helicopters and light aircrafts, as well as in national and international zoos and theme parks. Acrylic is a durable material but can be easily scratched or damaged. Repairing unsightly scratches costs much less than replacing expensive acrylic products.

Plastic and acrylic scratches, chips and cracks can be repaired using our unique process, which not only restores the acrylic surface to its original state, but also dramatically improves the clarity and durability.

Scratches, haziness, dullness, chips, cracks, chemical damage, graffiti scratches, mineral deposits

Window Filming

Glass Polish offers a world class window filming application service. We are the market pioneers, having helped develop scratch guard window film applications.

    • Anti-graffiti window film / coating
    • Solar tinted film application
    • Glass manifestations & privacy films
    • Bomb blast & safety film
    • Vehicle films
    • Decorative films

Anti-graffiti, scratch guard, solar, safety, security, tinted, coloured, manifestation, metalized

Anti-Graffiti – Scratch Guard Window Film

We provide window filming solutions across a number of industries to reduce the expenditure on and recurrence of graffiti and other criminal damage. The scratch guard window film has been especially designed to be nearly invisible once installed; to provide a removable, sacrificial surface that will eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. Once scratched or damaged by acid, the film can simply be removed, revealing the unspoilt glass surface. A single replacement of one window exceeds the cost of protective film installation by ten or twenty times.

Recommended Applications:

  • Shop windows and doors
  • Glass floors
  • Buses and trains
  • Office buildings 
  • Subways 
  • Tables
  • Bathroom mirrors

Solar Tinted Window Films

Glass Polish offers a range of solar tinted and privacy window films. Our solar window films can reject up to 82% of the sun’s total solar energy and block out nearly all harmful and damaging ultraviolet rays. The energy carbon footprint saving is huge, helping to reduce fuel costs.

Solar window films enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide uniform appearance to homes, commercial property and vehicles. Customers can combine colours to create virtually any overlap pattern for a specific signature look, select a finish to diffuse or focus light, or even block the light out entirely. Whatever the design challenge, Glass Polish can assess, supply and fit affordable, practical and unique solutions with stunning end results.


  • Reduced interior heat
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Increased privacy
  • Added protection from accidents, storms and burglars
  • Reject solar heat to keep a comfortable, consistent temperature
  • Preserve furnishings, upholstery, floors and carpeting
  • Reduce glare for a clear view year-round
  • Cut air conditioning loads
  • Enhance the appearance of older buildings and complement the design of new ones

Glass Manifestations & Privacy Films

Our Glass manifestations & privacy films include opaque and frost film application, decorative glass film application, squares, dots stripes and bands. We can help you add privacy to private spaces while making a bold design statement.

We can replicate the premium look of sandblasted glass, create unique patterns, and add colour or intricate layered designs – all without sacrificing natural light or aesthetics. Our solutions provide the perfect balance between function and style. From residential to commercial, retail to hospitality – the possibilities are endless.

Bomb Blast & Safety Film

Glass Polish installs protective films on the interior of the glass, providing virtually invisible protection. Multiple layers of strong, clear, special-grade polyester film are bonded together with a unique adhesive to form a shield that holds glass in place. For all their strength and durability, the protective films have outstanding optical clarity.

In a bomb blast, the majority of injuries are caused by flying glass and windborne debris. Furnishings, carpeting and computers are frequently damaged to the point of having to be replaced, businesses suffer downtime, lost revenue and countless opportunities they will never recover. With the application of bomb blast film, there is significant reduction in the hazard level and increased protection of the occupants.

Vehicle Filming

Solar heat turns cars, vans, boats and lorries into ovens, making journeys hot and uncomfortable. This often results in the overuse of air conditioning or reduced streamlining because of open windows. The only quick, sensible and low-cost solution is professionally fitted, tinted window films from Glass Polish.

Additional benefits:

  • Fuel economy through reduced use of the air conditioning
  • Enhanced streamlining performance
  • Fade protection for your upholstery
  • Enhanced safety through glare
  • Reduction and anti-shatter
  • Enhanced appearance

Surface Sealant Easy Clean Coating and Water Repellent

Glass Polish nano-technology surface coatings can be applied to glass, plastic, acrylic, stainless steel and any smooth non-porous surface. Glass Polish coatings are applied to both domestic and commercial applications to include glass roofs, windows, kitchens, vehicles, aircrafts, boats, signage, aquariums and much more. Our coating will make the surface easy to clean, improve the sheen and protect from scratches, fading and oxidation.  Our specialist coatings will also block harmful ultraviolet rays, stop corrosion and stop mildew and mould forming on the surface.

The Surface Sealant Easy Clean Coating is a professional coating designed to filter out 98% of UVA and UVB rays. The coating will last up to 2 years depending on application and use. The coating will leave the surface smooth and protected from the elements, as well as providing durability, temperature tolerance, hardness, friction resistance and protection from chemical attack. We are skilled with different surfaces; different applications require different solutions.

Protect against: acid rain, limescale, hard water, dirt, dust, saltwater, chemical damage, mineral deposits

Professional surface sealant coatings can be applied to:

  • Glass
  • Plastic / acrylic
  • Marble
  • Bathroom fixures
  • Tiles
  • Chrome
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Sporting goods

Damage Assessment Survey and Report

Glass Polish damage assessments and reports are designed to provide a clear view into the cause of damage and the available repair solutions. In some cases, assessments can include product testing to determine the cause of damage in order to prove or disprove liability of scratch damage.

Glass Polish engineers have the skill and experience to determine how scratch damage has been caused and to establish a timeline, comparing the cause of the damage to specific tasks carried out in the immediate area of the damage. The most common causes of damage on construction or commercial developments are careless cleaning and accidental damage as the result of decorating or rendering.

Damage assessment, scratch glass report, site survey, repair solutions, product testing, cause of damage

Our detailed reports provide a complete assessment of the damage problem, indicating the precise location of the damage and a quotation for cost of repair. We also advise as to the time required to undertake the repair works. Our damage assessment reports are invaluable when looking to recover the cost of repairs, and have been successfully used in legal proceedings.

A growing number of companies are now using our reports as standard practice with large glazing installations, providing documented evidence that the contract was completed without damage and that the standard of glazing at the time of completion was to a high standard of visual quality and fit for purpose.

Professional Training

Glass Polish offers a full range of glass and plastic repair training courses to suit all requirements, from just learning the basics, adding smart repair to your existing business or starting your own smart repair business. Training is available to both individuals and companies, and courses range from one to 5 days; courses can be individually tailored to suit specific client requirements.

With professional training from Glass Polish, you can be part of a rapidly growing industry that provides a genuinely required service. As with all of the training courses and services we offer, we are confident you will be able to successfully offer and deliver glass and plastic repair services. All of our products and services come with lifetime training and technical support.

Our qualified international team regularly provide training courses in countries around the world

Currently available glass and plastic repair courses:

  • Scratched glass repair 
  • Glass crack and chip repair 
  • Windscreen repair 
  • Domestic glass repair
  • Shop front graffiti removal
  • Construction cleaner damage repair
  • Angle grinder splatter repair
  • Weld splatter repair
  • Plastic acrylic polish
  • Plastic crack and chip repair
  • Headlight restoration
  • Window films fitting
  • Estimating and quoting
  • Aquarium polishing

Please contact us for further information about our training courses.

Why Choose Us?

      • Elite smart repair resurfacing technology
      • Valid market experience with quality assurances
      • Tailored solutions to meet specific requirements
      • Outstanding 100% accident-free safety records
      • Professional survey assessments and reporting

What Clients Say

From my first telephone call with Harry at Glass Polish I couldn’t have asked for better service. I sent the chess board from France and the work was completed by the end of the day and shipped back. Fantastic service, repair and customer service, couldn’t ask for any better.
Sarah, Motor Yacht Salu, France
We had one of your technicians take the scratches out of our kitchen windows last week. He did an amazing job and was a pleasure to have around. The windows look better than they did when they were first installed.
Great job thanks.
Katie Taylor, Leeds
Thanks for your assistance in repairing the scratched glass at Scotstoun. The service you provided throughout was very good and both myself and my client are delighted with the end result that was achieved following your work. I will keep you in mind for any future contracts where we encounter glass problems.
Alan Howatson, Project Manager Barr Construction
I am very happy with the work, I also appreciate the fact that after removing the graffiti tagging your guy removed other scrapes and marks on the other window. That showed a willingness to do the job properly as we hadn’t requested he do it. I would definitely recommend your company. Thank you.
Jason Mckeown, Store Manager Heal's
Mat just finished repairing the deep scratches on my aquarium, I am thoroughly delighted. Having gone through an attempted repair with another glass repair company I was giving this a very low probability of success, but just goes to show what can happen if you get the right people on the job! Thanks!
Iain Knott, Executive Director - Elixir Petroleum Limited

Glass Polish is committed to promoting environmental policies and practices